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FC1 Fuel Pump
FC1 Fuel Pump suitable for 85D 85DT 88DU 86D 95D 96D 30D 800 800t ..
800D ceramic diesel hob
New model 800D - For boaters who appreciate safety and legendary Scandinavian design. The new Wallas..
800D ceramic diesel hob and 220D blower lid kit
Wallas 800D stove is the best choice for small boaters with limited space. The 800D features ..
Air Silencer
A silencer is as an accessory for the 30GB & 40DT, which effectively reduces air flow noise. ..
Electrical Isolation set for 28mm
An insulation kit must be used to insulate the lead-through from the boat’s metal hull. The insul..
Sinter bronze filter head complete
Sinter bronze filter head for Wallas fuel lines. ..
Solenoid Valve
When the tank´s fuel level is higher than Wallas the magnetic valve needs to be installed into fuel ..
Solid fuel filter
Solid inline fuel filter (sinter bronze) ..
Wallas 2000t Paraffin Boat Heater
New Wallas 2000t • New Paraffin / Kerosene heater • Will replace 1800t and 2400t units •..
XC Duo
XC Duo is a simple cooking and heating solution, designed for camper use. In one unit, you get ..
Nordic 85NDT
Nordic Dt is a 85 Dt + 270 lid preassembled together in one box. This flat design stove has bee..
Nordic 85NDT Kit
The Wallas 85 NDT - a state of the art marine cooking system. Unlike the hazardous gas systems, t..
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