Wallas 2000t Paraffin Boat Heater
Product Code: KMW2000t
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New Wallas 2000t

• New Paraffin / Kerosene heater
• Will replace 1800t and 2400t units
• Same size as 1800t and 2400t models
• Efficient air control
• Extreme low power consumption
• Very silent
• 2000 W
• Updated burning process for Scandinavian conditions
• Cleaner burning and longer service interval!


Fuel: Paraffin
Power: 900-2000 W
Operating voltage: 12 V
Fuel consumption: 0,1-0,20 l/h
Electricity consumption: 0,4-0,7 A
Heat min: 46 m³/h
Heat max: 62 m³/h
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