Diesel Hobs & Ovens

Strengths of a Wallas boat stove:

  • Safe - There is no open flame in Wallas stoves. Moreover they use non explosive and non pressurized fuel. Safety is guaranteed. And no moisture comes into the cabin.
  • Easy to clean and use - The surfaces are smooth and thus easy to keep clean. Operation is as easy as with your stove at home. Just press the button and stove is on.
  • Stove and heater - With heat blower lid you can transform your stove into a cabin heater - Unique combination. The heat blower lid can be also retrofitted.

Other advantages of a Wallas boat stove:

  • As the stoves do not have open flame, when intalled into half open space, they are 100% tolerant against wind. You cook conveniently in all circumstances. 
  • All stoves are equipped with stepless power adjustment
  • Once switched on, the cooking properties and heat are on a par with a home stove
  • The flush-mounted stove and separately installed oven have independent operating switches that can be placed as desired e.g. out of reach of children
  • The fuel for these diesel oil-operated devices can be taken from the boats main tank.


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85DP Diesel Hob
Wallas 85DP boat stove The control switch is preinstalled in the stove and you can gimba..
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800D ceramic diesel hob
New model 800D - For boaters who appreciate safety and legendary Scandinavian design. The new Wallas..
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800D ceramic diesel hob and 220D blower lid kit
Wallas 800D stove is the best choice for small boaters with limited space. The 800D features ..
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88DU Diesel Hob
Wallas 88DU boat stove Super modern design. Facet ground ceramic top is all you see when stov..
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XC Duo
XC Duo
XC Duo is a simple cooking and heating solution, designed for camper use. In one unit, you get ..
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85DT Diesel Hob
This flat design stove has been constructed from flat aluminium profiles which protrudes  ..
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220D Heat Blower Lid for 800D
Heat blower lid 220D The Wallas exclusive heater lid for the 800D stove provides a clean..
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Nordic 85NDT
Nordic 85NDT
Nordic Dt is a 85 Dt + 270 lid preassembled together in one box. This flat design stove has bee..
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Nordic 85NDT Kit
The Wallas 85 NDT - a state of the art marine cooking system. Unlike the hazardous gas systems, t..
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86D Diesel oven
Wallas 86D boat oven The Wallas 86D is the first diesel oil operated oven in the world. It is..
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87D Diesel Hob and Oven
Wallas 87D boat stove and oven The Wallas 87D is a combination of oven and stove. The control..
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Heat Blower Lid 270
Heat blower lid 270 The 270 lid has a flat construction and as high heating effect as 1900W. ..
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