85DP Diesel Hob
Product Code: KMW85DP
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Wallas 85DP boat stove

The control switch is preinstalled in the stove and you can gimbal mount this model if needed. Note! gimbal and blower lid can not be installed together.

  • Fuel:     Diesel
  • Power:     900-1900W
  • Operating voltage:     12V
  • Fuel consumption:     0,09-0,19 l/h
  • Electricity consumption:     0,19A
  • Accessories:     Gimbal (ArtNo 1120)
  • Heat blower lid (+0,4A) Pot holders (ArtNo 1110)

The Safeflame 85DP is designed for surface mounting and can be used with the Wallas optional gimbals mount. This hob is operated with touch button control. The fuel needed for this hob can be taken from the main tank. The Wallas diesel hobs are inherently safe because the flame is totally room sealed and exhausts overboard through a 28mm exhaust. The 85DP can be fitted with an optional blower/heater lid (270). When the lid is in the down position it operates as a 1.9KW boat heater.